History of the Church

Read the Historical Sketch (PDF) of the First Presbyterian Church of Lambertville, NJ to learn more about the rich history of this historic church.

A description of the town of Lambertville written in 1920 sounds much like the city that we know today: Our town was then (1816) of not more than 150 inhabitants, 24 houses, with not a mill or factory. The community had not yet completely rid itself of an unenviable name it had borne for years as the center of rioting and dissipation for the surrounding territory, despite the noble citizens it contained. For the betterment of civic conditions and for the honor of the community the project was undoubtedly fostered. True to its birthright, this church has loyally endeavored to be a power for god in the town, and has justified the hopes of its founders in being of untold influence in every possible way, standing for purity, peace, industry, education, patriotism, and the holy influence of the Christian religion in social life.

The cornerstone of the original building was laid on August 18, 1817. The land on which they built, bordering the graveyard on the east, was deeded to the congregation by John Coryell and John Lambert, jr. for $1 each. A large assembly had gathered, and the Rev. Thomas Dunn from the Solebury Church preached a sermon based on the text of Isaiah 11:9, “They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain; for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.”

The dedication of the church took place on May 24, 1820. A list was drawn up of thirty-two families who agreed to unite into this church. A Board of Trustees was elected and on June 7 they were sworn into office by Ezra Shramp, justice of the peace: Emley Holcombe, president, John Coryell, Wilson Lambert, Jonathan Pidcock, and Joseph Scarborough. The church would not be completed until approximately 1825. That is the date on the original weather vane, mission for many years, but found by Mr. John A. Anderson in the early part of this century. It was then displayed in the vestibule of the church but no record of its whereabouts has been found in recent years.

Historical Gravestone Listing

View the First Presbyterian Community Church of Lambertville historical gravestone listing. This listing of gravestones dates back to the 1800s and was compiled by Theodore W. Bozarth in 1971. In the graveyard George Coryell, Revolutionary war Lieutenant and pallbearer of George Washington, is buried here along with Sam Holcombe, one of General Washington’s spies.

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