Pastor, I am so angry, all the time, how can I pray for God to remove my anger?

Not knowing the context of your anger, it would be hard to offer proper counsel, but in general. Anger is an emotion, a human reaction to certain events that happen in life. In fact, our brains have been designed with anger as a normal component of human behavior. Studies of the brain have shown that when we get “angry” the portion of the brain that lights-up is in the back, around the brain stem, meaning that we were created with this emotion as hard-wired in our brains.

Nowhere in Scripture does God or Christ ever say to us, “never get angry”, or anger is bad. God was angry at the transgression of his people in the Wilderness, Jonah at the salvation of Nineveh; Christ at the Temple moneychangers, and in all cases, God in Christ did things as a result of their respective anger. Those are Biblical examples of anger being used a positive, or a catalyst for change or transformation.
Anger though if left unchecked, if left uncontrolled, or as I like to say, “Unrecognized” in one‘s life can be just as corrosive to one’s faith as a cancer is the physical body. That is where anger gets people, Christians, and non- Christians into some very bad spaces and places. Anger if left un-reconciled to God or faith can very easily become rage, which can very easily become destructive to you and those around you.

I always council that the Christian should pray “God help me make sense of my anger and understand it”, as opposed to “God please take away my anger”. First God made us the way we are, emotions, feelings and all. To ask God to remove what has been part of us from creation is both silly and counter to the design of God in our lives. I pray that God helps you with all your feelings and emotions, that God grants you insight to His will and the complexities of modern life that not only makes people angry, but also drives us crazy, and crazy is a topic for another day.

— Pastor Gregory