Sunday’s Coming

Memorial Day 2017

For our grandparents and maybe parent’s generation, 7 Dec 1941 was always Pearl Harbor Day, or VE or VJ day in 1945. Much like how 22 November 1963 is a day those alive then will never forget, and that news from Dallas. As Tuesday, 11 Sept 2001 and the Twin Towers are burned in our collective memory. But memory is a tricky and delicate thing. How quickly we seemingly forget those important dates and those who sacrificed their blood, honor and treasure in defense of the nation, and how quickly we all want to get back to our nice, safe, predictable lives and maybe have a passing thought as we see the old WW2 and now Vietnam era vets riding in those cars at the local parades next week. Well, at this church and on my watch, we do not forget, as God is my witness, we will never forget.

In the Family

Much thanks to Dawn and Anthony for sharing their 35th anniversary celebration with us after church last week. Kris and I also passed our 35th as well. So what did we do? I took a nap of course. On baby watch, expect some good news before Sunday, God willing.

Next week, 4 June we will be awarding our 2017 Holcombe scholarships to our Giulia Reading and Courtney Hartpence, as they graduate this spring and make their ways and marks in this world. God bless them both. Next week is also last week for the 10:30 service and you know what that means! 11 June is Hawaiian and Tropical Shirt Sunday!!!!!!!!. Awards and prizes for all!!!! Oh, I am so happy.

Thought for the Week:

I hope and pray there is never a WW3. And that should be our collective prayer. But know this, if it does come I have no doubt that the collective Armed Forces of the United States by its will, power, honor and courage will carry us though to total and complete victory.                                  Douglas MacArthur   1948