Sunday’s Coming

Over to Grandma’s House We Go:

In my family I got one side of the house that is Vegan, the other has nut allergies and does not eat Turkey. Happy Thanksgiving to me. Luckily we have all agreed to a dish called Tofu Pesto Lasagna. Don’t knock it until you try it. May not be the Plymouth colony of 1623, but then again, Thanksgiving was never about what’s for supper, as Christmas is never about a Jolly Fat Man and a snow man that melts.

In the Fellowship:

Indeed last week was most blessed. I think Dorcas and the family were touched and most thankful for the honors and celebration of their ministry with us. Well done Pat D, Nate and all who made the plaque happen. And as I told Sue, the Bells came out very, very well in my opinion. I recall what she said after the joint service and picnic on the 4th of July. And she made it happen. Well done indeed.

This next Sunday we have the 1st meeting of the Nominations committee after church. It’s one of the those things about being Presbyterian. We elect church officers, Elders and Deacons to actually administrate and run the church and its programs. I am nothing more than the temporary hired help. At a minimum we have two slots on the Session and 3 on Deacons to fill this year. In a smaller church one does not have the luxury of sitting in the back pew and rushing out the door when all is said and done. Nor always telling folks. “No” when so asked. This is your church, not mine, And as I said last Sunday in the message, stewardship means taking care of your own house, your own home. Means all of us doing what needs to be done, in time and energy for Him.

Now to be honest I cannot recall off the top of my head what I will preaching about this Sunday. But I promise it will be very, very good, trust me. Something about Jesus I am sure.

Thought for the Week:

“I find it odd that people will travel for days, even weeks, on a wagon or train to get to someone’s house to eat a meal, and then cannot wait to get back on that same train or wagon for the trip back home for days or weeks as well.”

Samuel Clements
“Mark Twain”