Sunday’s Coming

Courage and Faith Under Fire:

While stationed in Washington DC in my Navy days, I became acquainted with one of the greatest men I ever met. General Hal B. Moore. He was made famous in the movie, “We Were Soldiers Once, and Young”. In the movie he was played by Mel Gibson. General Moore led the Army 7th Calvary into the Ia Drang Valley in 1965 in the 1st real engagement with the Army of North Vietnam. Over the course of 4 days, surrounded, outnumbered by the enemy 7 to 1, he fought and led his men to victory. 3 Medals of Honors and over 300 Purple Hearts were awarded to his men. Many consider him one of the finest military leaders the nation has ever produced. But that was not the most amazing part of his life.

Close to 30 years later, he sought and contacted the military leader he fought against, General Nguyen An of the Army of North Vietnam. As a committed Christian all his life, General Moore believed that Jesus calls him to seek out enemies, former or current, pray for them, and seek reconciliation if possible. To his surprise General Nguyen, both well into their 70s, did reunite and they walked the former battlefield they fought and tried to kill each other on. At the end two former battle leaders, prayed for all the men, 61 Americans, 3700 North Vietnamese killed in those 4 days. On parting General Moore gave General Nguyen his family Bible as a parting gift and the two remained friends the rest of their lives. When General Moore died, General Nguyen was too old to travel, his family said he wept as a child over the loss of his friend. Any who doubt the power of God or the name Jesus Christ need to talk to any survivor of that battle or those who knew General Moore, and you will change your mind. It’s a God thing.

In the Family

This Sunday, my message will come from Romans 2: 1-11. The old truth about judging other people hold true, the same God whom you may seek to send lighting bolts down on your supposed enemies is the same God you will need to stand before and make yourself accountable on that day of Resurrection. Thanks to all kids and teachers who brought their school backpacks for blessings of the backpacks last week.

Hope all are able to come and bid God’s grace and blessings on our Giulia this Monday at 7 pm, as she graces us with a recital in the sanctuary before she goes off to NYC and Broadway I am sure. Reception to follow.

You know the seasons are in change when we get the Friday Skating and Hang on the calendars. We will start year 62 of community skating in the gym starting 17 November. As always, Brother Cooie and the gang always looking for helping hands to make this another successful season. Please see him.

While on the gym, many thanks to all who have contributed, many in the local community, who love our outreach, who have donated to its fixing and replacing the backboard after the incident. With the assistance of LBL and Jim, we’ll be back better than ever.

Thought for the Week:
It is stupid and idiotic to expect forgiveness, grace or mercy from some one who has not been touched by the power of God or has not known the power of forgiveness themselves. Why should you expect to get something from someone who has nothing to give? You cannot give to others what you do not have yourselves.
C.S. Lewis