Sunday’s Coming

I Am Not a Robot!

I read recently that because of the advance of AI (artificial intelligence), computing power of the “cloud”, even advances in smart phone technology, that close to 60% of all jobs now in America will go away or become obsolete in the next 20 years. Everything from lawyers, legal services, folks who pump gas, to financial management, to maybe even self driving cars, will cause many jobs to simply disappear. McDonald’s and Burger King plan to replace over 15,000 line and counter people in the next 5 years with automated kiosks at the front desk. Machines do not ask for $15 an hour to cook hamburgers. Just saying.

In that sense, I think the most secure jobs or careers in America are those that actually do things, make things, stuff that machines cannot do. When I call a plumber I want a real human being, when I call the police I want a real person, when I get on a plane I want a real person in the cockpit, not a robot. I do not see robots or some computer program preaching a message anytime soon. The Kingdom of God, God’s word to us, His Grace and peace is eternal, unchanging and just as true today, as was 2,000 years ago, or 2,000 years in the future, Technology, computers, robotics, AI, will never displace the Word of God. His Grace and Holy Spirit cannot be “outsourced” or made redundant. His Good News is irresistible and unstoppable. And He knows us by name, he made us in His image. And we all count.

I am Peter Wilson Gregory, son of Leo. Grandson of Pietro DiGregorio. Born in Canonsburg PA., in 1957 and I am not robot! I am part of His Kingdom and plan. I am in His Book of Life. May the same be said of all of us.

In the Church Family

God’s grace and blessing be with Cooie, Desre, and Harry down in Florida, as they help Harry continue his recovery. Hope to see them around in the next week or so.

God’s ministering and protecting angels be with Pat. B. and her scheduled surgery next week.

To all on the road and about the world traveling this summer, peace and grace be with all.

This week, my message will be from Acts 10 and the story of the conversion of Cornelius. A Roman Centurion. Never, never sell the Kingdom of God short or underestimate His Grace. It will always take us by surprise. It certainly did to Peter.

Thought for the Week:

We spend so much time and worry in what other people think or feel about us. We waste so much energy on being liked or popular. At the end of the day your circle of friends are irrelevant in God’s Kingdom, it is what God thinks and feels. It is His Will, not human judgment, that is of ultimate power.                  Dwight L. Moody