Sexual Misconduct Policy


First Presbyterian Church of Lambertville

 Sexual Misconduct Policy

            All employees and staff of the Community Church of Lambertville, First Presbyterian, will conduct themselves by the highest moral, ethical, and personal standards. This applies to all staff and volunteers in church sponsored programs, be they paid or in an unpaid capacity.  All people associated with staff and programs of the Community Church of Lambertville, First Presbyterian will abide by this policy.

             No person will be hired, or employed in either a paid or volunteer position if there has been a sustained, either in criminal court, or civil court, or a plea of guilty or verdict, of a single count of sexual misconduct or improper sexual contact as defined in both federal and state laws. Failure to disclose such at point of hiring or offering of position will be considered grounds for immediate termination of services between the individual and the Community Church of Lambertville, First Presbyterian.         

             Sexual misconduct is the comprehensive term used in include;

 1. Child sexual abuse.

2. Rape or forced sexual contact by force, threats or intimidation. 

3. Sexual harassment.

4. Sexual conduct, such as suggestive language or behavior, unwelcome touching and fondling.

5. Unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors.

6. Threats or intimidation over job, position, salary, references based upon sexual favors or any other conduct that brings discredit or impugns the mission, reputation, or management of the Community Church of Lambertville, 1st Presbyterian.